Mountainskyver Trail Scooter Folds And Fits In A Backpack

Going downhill on mountain bike: fun.  Going uphill with a bike so you can free-fall downhill?  Not so much.  While the Mountain Skyver Trail doesn’t make the trek uphill enjoyable either, it does make it simpler since you can fold the entire thing for carrying on your back.

Made by Ortovox, it’s not so much a bike as a kick scooter.  There’s no drivetrain, no seatpost, no saddle and no pedals — only footposts for putting your feet on while you ride it downhill standing.

Just like a real mountain bike, the Mountain Skyver Trail has a handlebar-stem-fork assembly with full suspension, as well as mechanical disc brakes both front and back.   The entire frame is constructed out of aluminum, so it’s not quite as heavy as regular bikes (it weighs 19.4 pounds), making it easier to hoist over your back during the trek uphill.

To keep it packable, the scooter uses smaller wheels — 20 inches in front and 16 inches in the rear.  Users can upgrade to a 24- and 20-inch pairing for even more speed in your downhill runs.   It comes with a backpack that’s custom-designed to hold the various parts and distribute the weight after the ride is folded down and disassembled.

While the Mountain Skyver Trail isn’t a functional replacement for a real mountain bike, it should make for a fun gravity-assisted alternative over wider, smoother downhill trails.  Could be a lot of fun for hikers who prefer not to walk down on their way back.  It’s available now, priced at $1,200.

Available at Ortovox