Mountie Clips Your Mobile Device To Your Laptop Screen For Uninterrupted Distractions


Sometimes, whatever’s in front of the computer screen requires your complete attention. Other times, you prefer having something to distract you from the confounding mess of code you’re trying to debug. That’s when the Mountie comes in handy.

Created by Ten One Design, it’s a clip that you can use to mount a tablet or a smartphone right next to your computer display. That way, you can switch your attention between the giant spreadsheets you’re trying to reconcile and funny GoPro videos of guys falling off in wacky accidents to keep your sanity intact. Awesome.


Mountie uses rubber grips to attach itself to both a laptop’s display (or a similarly-sized monitor) and a mobile device, keeping them on the same level for your viewing pleasure. It’s designed for Apple products and comes with swappable grips for specific devices. If you’re not that invested in the Apple ecosystem, it’s not entirely unusable, since the grips can clamp onto any product with similar dimensions to the supported Apple devices. For phones and tablets, that means thickness between 5 mm and 9 mm; for laptops and monitors, that means any that’s similar in thickness to all Macbooks and iMacs that came out after 2012.


Ten One Design claims the clamps are purpose-designed for strength, so you don’t have to worry about your expensive gadgets slipping off after a few hours of being held up. It comes in two colors: green and blue.

Slated to ship in February, the Mountie is now available for preorder. Price is $24.95.

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