Mousarris Summit Sofa: This Wall Art Turns Into Functional Living Room Seating

It looks like a nice piece of wall art. You know… the kind you’ll put up when you’re trying to make your home look just a little more sophisticated. Except, the Mousarris Summit Sofa isn’t actually a piece of art, but a functional seating furniture you can deploy when you have a few too many people in your space.

That’s right, that hanging wall art is actually a cleverly-disguised furniture storage that keeps the seating modules out of the way despite being in plain sight. It’s quite brilliant, making for a unique addition to any living room or bedroom that can occasionally use extra seating when guests come over. Plus, we have a feeling the kids will love this, as they can use it as benches, throw it at each other, or even set it up as some kind of obstacle course.

The Mousarris Summit Sofa consists of a wall art that, actually, looks like some kind of painting or print with wave like patterns in various shades of blue when viewed from the front. It’s quite a nice visual. Sneak a peek from the side, though, and you’ll realize it’s much thicker than a typical framed painting, so it gives away some clue that it’s one of those things that is just not what it seems. Instead of being decorative designs, those patterns are actually detachable cushion modules that you can lay down on the floor and stack on top of each other for use as functional seating, making it a nicer-looking alternative to folding chairs stashed out in a closet somewhere.

We know… stacking oddly-shaped cushions don’t make for a sofa. While that’s fair, it will let you sit down and rest your legs, so you can call it a bench if it makes you feel better. Either way, it makes for a handy living room fixture – one that can look like an innocuous piece of wall art when not needed, while giving you useful seats for a bunch of people in a pinch.

The Mousarris Summit Sofa uses magnetic modules that can snap securely onto the all-metal wall frame, so all the modules should stay in place when they’re put away and not needed. Those same magnets allow them to snap together when stacked, too, keeping them stable while you sit, so you can plop down comfortably without having to maintain your balance. By the way, the wall frame is marked with the same wavy line on the cushion modules, so you can simply fit the right piece in place, similar to putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

There’s no listing about the kind of foam they used to build the cushions, nor did they list any materials used for the upholstery (if any), so you’ll have to inquire about those if you’re interested in getting these. From the photos, at least, the foam looks pretty firm, which should make it pretty comfortable when used for seating.

The Mousarris Summit Sofa is available now, priced at €3,400.

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