Moustache Tie Clip Gives Your Office Wear Some Facial Hair

If you care enough to wear a stylish slim necktie, you might as well care enough to hold it down with a nice tie clip.  Except boring tie clips don’t quite match your Burt Reynolds profile.  You need something else.  You need the Moustache Tie Clip.

Made by a New York duo, it’s an erstwhile regular tie clip for keeping your neckwear from flopping away, dipping  into your coffee or getting caught in the elevator door.  Except it comes in the shape of a twirly moustache.  Just like you always thought you would have on your face back when you were an impressionable child.

The Moustache Tie Clip is a simple brass clip in either a shiny silver or gunmetal finish.   Measuring 1.75 inches in length, it’s designed specifically to wear well with modern slimmer ties, but it should look swimming even for more traditional neckwear.  If you’ve been looking for a way to bring a little playfulness to your regular business wear, this should make for a subtle yet meaningful detail.

We’re not sure if they’re shipping now, but the Moustache Tie Clip recently reached its funding goals at Kickstarter and already have a purchase page up at their website.  Price is $35.