Move-It Turns Any Box Into A Trolley

Got a box to move, don’t have a trolley?  Not a problem with Move-It, a self-adhesive cardboard kit that lets you turn any container into a functional handcart.

Designed by David Graham as an Industrial Design Engineering project, the clever contraption consists of  lightweight items that you can conveniently stock into limited closet space.  Despite the rather simple make, it can carry boxes up to 44lbs, saving your muscles from the hassle of doing the heavy lifting.

Move-It uses a pair of wheel assemblies that attach to two bottom corners and two different handles – one for regular boxes and another for longer ones.  All parts are self-adhesive, allowing you to just slap them into any random box of stuff you pick up.   According to David, the wheels will work even on cobbled surfaces and wet pavement, so you can easily take your makeshift trolley down the street.

While this cardboard kit will obviously be great for moving boxes around the house, it’s even better for shopping.  Instead of paying delivery fees for a box of stuff you just bought, for instance, the store can simply attach this (it assembles in minutes) and let you bring it home yourself (you can pull it to the car, haul it to public transport or even walk home).  The adhesive sticks to the boxes tightly, though, so you can’t remove it for use on a different case.

The Move-It prototype is a contender in this year’s James Dyson Awards.  You can see it in action in the video below.

[via Yanko Design]