Mow-Aerators: Apocalypse Battle Tank Spikes Find Domestic Use In Lawn Mowing


The last time I saw Mad Max was over a decade ago, so forgive my fuzzy recollection, but I’m pretty sure something like the Mow-Aerator made a cameo there somewhere.  Instead of an apocalypse-era tank customization, however, it’s a set of brackets and spikes designed to fit into lawnmower tires, so you can ride wet, uneven ground without slipping, as well aerate your lawn.

Regardless of your feelings about spike aeration (like it, hate it or don’t know what it’s about), there’s no question that the Mow-Aerators make your lame grass-cutters look badass.  Whether you plan to run over bill collectors with it or just use it as intended, it’s one of the coolest modifications you can ever add to such a simple garden machine.

The brackets are made out of 1/8-inch thick cold rolled steel (powder-coated to resist corrosion), adorned with 1.5-inch spikes that leave your mower scarier than your neighbor’s gas-guzzling Hummer.  When fitted on the wheels during use, you end up both mowing and aerating your lawn at the same time, apart from allowing you to ride your machine comfortably even through sloping and slippery surfaces by improving its grip.

Designed for occasional use, the Mow-Aerator can be mounted and removed easily, without requiring much work.  It comes in various sizes to fit all types of lawnmower tires.  The manufacturer adds a warning about using the contraption on mowers that have the gas tank within 2 inches of  either of the rear tires – it can cause rupturing and, in the worst cases, might lead to massive explosions, just like in that Mad Max movie.

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