This Backpack Comes With A Stow-Away Hood To Keep You Dry During Drizzles


You know those mornings that start out with clear skies and very fair weather? They could end up with a drizzle at some point all the same. That’s why packing an umbrella or a hooded jacket is never a bad idea. It’s also why the MPG Sport Utility Hooded Backpack can really save you when it matters.

That’s right, this backpack has a stow-away hood that you can pull out to keep your head covered when rain and chilly air arrives. Granted, you’ll still leave the rest of your body unprotected, but you can, at least, keep your head and crown from getting soaking wet.


The MPG Sport Utility Hooded Backpack measures 14.5 x 17.5 x 7 inches (width x height x depth), making it quite the good size to carry to school, work, or the gym. It’s constructed from 100 percent polyester with PVC backing to give it a rigid shape, with two main compartments bearing separate entries for easily dividing your work gear from your gym outfits. Since it’s designed for use in the rain (with the hood and all), the entire bag is water-resistant, ensuring it will keep the bag’s contents as dry as your noggin. Features include expandable side pouches, a zippered front flap that leads to mesh pouches, and dual carry handles.


Available in gray, the MPG Sport Utility Hooded Backpack is priced at $130.

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