MPowerd Luci Solar Site Lights Puts LED Lights on Tent Stakes, So You Can Find Your Tent at Night

Being able to find your tent at night is a nice convenience to have when you’re out camping in the wild. Trying to find your way around a pitch black camp site during a moonless night just isn’t that much fun. That, we’re guessing, is the main idea behind the MPowerd Luci Solar Site Lights, a unique kind of product that combines tent stakes with detachable LEDs that can recharge using solar power during the day.

That’s right, these tent stakes come with LED lights that will make it easy to illuminate your tent’s location at night. No need to hang a lantern by your tent or line it with LED strip lights – the stakes you’re using to keep it secure on the ground will provide all the illumination you’ll require once the sun sets.

The Mpowerd Luci Solar Site Lights consist of six LED lights, six tent stakes, and a charging case for the lights. Each lighting unit comes with a cool white LED and a cutout on the body that you can use to secure it on a length of rope for hanging on the campsite. Aside from hanging, the lights can also be mounted on top of the stakes (they simply snap into place), allowing them to illuminate the area around your tent during nightfall.  It comes with low, medium, and high brightness settings, allowing you to use only as much light as you need at any time.

There’s no listed lumen rating for the lights, by the way, but the outfit claims that all six together can illuminate a total area of 1,000 square feet, so they should offer a decent amount of brightness. Each one has a built-in battery that holds enough charge to keep it running for six hours on high, 12 hours on medium, and 20 hours on low, so you might want to keep at either low or medium if you want illumination for the entire night. They’re weatherproof and shatterproof, too, so you can leave them out in the open at the mercy of the elements without any worries.

The Mpowerd Luci Solar Site Lights’ included stakes are made from ABS plastic, with a build that, the outfit claims, is near-indestructible. It has notches near the top for securing guy lines, along with a mounting spot for a LED light and a three-sided design that makes it more secure once it’s driven in the ground. Aside from snapping the LEDs on top of the stakes, we’re guessing you can also secure it on the guy lines if you want your illumination to sit a small distance above the ground.

The included charging case has a built-in 2,600 mAh battery that you can use to charge all six lights two times over. You can recharge them via USB-C when you have an available power outlet, although it also comes with a built-in solar panel, so you can replenish the battery passively by simply leaving it out under the sun during the day.

The Mpowerd Luci Solar Site Lights are available now, priced at $79.95.

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