Mr. Bump Alarm Clock Shuts Up After Being Smashed On Wall

Throwing your alarm clock at the wall to make the ringing stop might sound like a good idea while you’re half-awake at 6AM.  But it just feels dumb when you need to pass by the store again to get a new Danger Bomb Alarm Clock for the third time in the last month.    Hopefully, you buy something like the Mr. Bump Alarm Clock.

Instead of shattering into pieces after coming into contact with a wall, this alarm clock is built specifically to survive that violent morning ritual.  As such, it just bounces off the wall and falls to the floor, completely intact and ready to wake you up again tomorrow.

The Mr. Bump Alarm Clock is shaped like a ball, with a pained face covered in bandages carved and painted right on it.  There’s a small LCD sitting on the center, along with a couple of buttons for setting the alarm and adjusting the time and all that jazz.  It also comes with a base that you can use to keep it from rolling after you set it down the bedside table.

The clock is enclosed in the rubbery confines of the ball, so the electronics don’t break when you run it onto a hard surface.  In fact, the impact is meant to actually turn the ringing off, replacing the need to smack that snooze button silly.  Just pick it up and hurl it and go back to sleep.

If you’ve always wanted an alarm clock that can survive a beating, we can’t imagine anything more smash-friendly than the Mr. Bump.  It’s available now for £12.99.

[Truffle Shuffle]