Ms. Taken Fake Engagement Ring Scares Off Freaky Men


Like to go clubbing but can’t stand the drunk loser guys hitting on you?  Slip on a fake engagement ring right when you need it with Ms. Taken, a genuine-looking pre-wedding piece that you can slide in and out of your fingers in a jiffy.

While you can probably take just about any fake ring to disguise yourself as betrothed, they’re likely not designed specifically for that purpose.  With Ms. Taken, you get a key fob that can hold the ring securely while the coast is clear.  When the slurring, drunk-ass Romeos start coming your way, simply pluck it out (there’s a video on the site that shows how easy it is) and slip it in.  Before they even open their mouths, hold the ring finger up and let them draw back in peace.  It’s your secret weapon against the freaks of the night and it looks damn good too.

The set includes a two-carat Australian crystal ring set in stainless steel, a keychain fob with a flip-out cover to store the “engagement” piece securely, an attractive jewelry case with room for both the fob and the ring, and 20 “Playaz” cards.  While not technically a part of your rig, the cards are a novelty set that detail the different types of losers you’ll likely be running into out in the wild.  Make sure not to let any of the creepy guys you’re flipping out see the ring off your hand, though, cause its got a REALITY BLING label emblazoned on the inside panel.  Being drunk and all, they probably won’t notice, but still…

Whatever kind of nasty “Playa” you run into, very few clowns are able to muster up the power it takes to stand up to a ring on your finger.  Arm yourself with Ms. Taken, gang up with your friends and wave them losers back to their side of the room!

[MsTaken via Geekologie]