MSI WindPad 100W Now On Sale

MSI’s first foray into the world of tablets is finally out.  Instead of running Android like every other slate without an Apple logo on the back, the MSI WindPad 100W runs a full version of Windows 7 Home Premium.

I know — Windows 7 sucks on a multi-touch screen.  MSI knew that, too, so the tablet will be running the company’s proprietary Touch UI for finger-friendlier navigation.   Obviously, a lot of the experience will depend on how good MSI’s touch software is, so it’s probably smart to wait for reviews to trickle in before deciding to get this one.

In terms of hardware, you can describe the MSI Windpad 100W as a “touchscreen netbook without the keyboard.”  CPU is a single-core 1.6GHz Atom Z53, paired with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of SSD storage — just the bare basics needed to run a full build of Windows.  Display is a 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen (1024 x 600 pixel resolution), with battery life pegged at 6 hours of continuous operation.

They threw in everything necessary to make the hardware competitive in the growing slate market, including a G-Sensor gravity detector, an ALS light sensor, dual cameras, SD card reader, USB 2.0 slots and a mini HDMI port.  Again, the hardware sounds solid and should  be capable of handling Windows 7 (we’ve seen netbooks with practically the same guts pull that off) — the issue is, just how well will the software work for tablet computing?

Brave souls willing to take on the early-adopter role can now get the MSI WindPad 100W, priced at $700.

Other features dual cameras (one in front and another in the back)

[Link via GadgetLab]