MtEverClimb Is A Continuous Rope-Climbing Machine

Your home gym needs a new challenge.  Running on the gaming treadmill, cycling on a bike and hanging onto a rock climbing machine used to be fun — until you got bored out of your wits using them.  Here’s something new to keep workouts interesting for the next couple of weeks: MtEverClimb, a rope-climbing exerciser.

Remember the horrific days of gym class when the teacher would make you climb those ropes at the gym?  Well, this is the exact same thing.  Except for the fact that there’s no top of the rope to reach for, so you climb an endless supply of cord until you get tired.  Which, in your current shape, should be the equivalent of a very, very short rope.

The MtEverClimb is a continuous rope-climbing machine that takes up about the same space as a combined treadmill and stripper pole.  By that, we mean it doesn’t hog all that much gym area (to be exact, 120 x 52 x 34.5 inches), so it can easily find a place among the rest of your barely-used fitness equipment.  Construction is welded steel, with casters for easy mobility around the room.

Designed for “peak aerobic endurance and anaerobic conditioning,” the setup uses a pulley wheel and looped rope to give exercisers an endless length of strings to scale.  Floor sensors trigger automatic shut-off, while a footrest just above the floor lets you rest your feet in the “middle” of a climb.  Speed, power and direction of the rope can be adjusted via the front-mounted switch box.

Pricing for MtEverClimb starts at $7,985 for the base machine, with options such as a timer and platform extension available for an extra cost.