Cut Down On Dishes During Taco Tuesdays With This Six-Section Taco Serving Platter


Making tacos at home is fun. Problem is, the darn thing requires a lot of dishes. You need a plate for the tortillas, a small bowl for the cheese, and, basically, one serving dish for each topping you want to pile into the darn thing. That’s a whole lot of dishes to clean up. The Mud Pie Taco Bar Serving Platter changes that.

A dedicated plate for serving tacos, it comes with separate compartments for holding different ingredients. No more using multiple bowls and plates during taco night at home – just pluck this out of the cabinet and put everything in a single container.


The Mud Pie Taco Serving Platter has a large circular center section for your tortillas, along with five individual compartments around it. While the outer compartments come labeled (tomato, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, and “nacho ordinary topping”), you can, of course, put whatever food item and condiment you want in each, from guacamole and pickled onions to roasted corn and leftover meatloaf to whatever else you can find in the fridge. Five compartments not enough for the range of toppings you prepare during Taco Tuesdays? Maybe get a second platter –cleaning two serving platters is way less than a dozen bowls and plates, after all.

Dimensions are 14.5 inches in diameter, so this is quite the big serving dish with plenty of room to accommodate several taco servings. It comes with a 10-inch long spoon with a wide bowl for scooping up plenty of toppings and the phrase “TOP IT OFF” etched onto it.

Want one? The Mud Pie Taco Bar Serving Platter is available now.

Mud Pie, White Taco Bar Condiment Serving Platter
  • Ceramic taco bar server features resist taco topping labels and arrives with vintage-style "top it...