Mug Boss Turns 10-Ounce Drinking Mugs Into 12-Pocket Desk Organizers


We’re big fans of the Bucket Boss and its ability to turn an erstwhile humble pail into an organized toolbox, providing a great benefit to many littered garages and workshops. Turns out, they make one for the office, too, in the form of the Mug Boss, which turns any humble mug into a multi-slot desk organizer.

While any mug can make for a decent pen cup, the tool supercharges it with multiple pockets, allowing you to organize pens, staplers, and other office supplies. That way, you can keep frequently used tools in their own sections, making them easier to reach over and grab without having to wade through a mess of stuff.


Like the bucket version, the Mug Boss consists of a sleeve that slips over a coffee mug, instantly equipping it with multiple pockets for organizing all the stash in your desk. It features eight pockets on the outside for storing various items with easy visibility, as well as four sections inside for organizing an erstwhile mess of a bundle. Measuring 5.3 x 4.8 x 1.3 inches, it’s designed to fit snug on standard 10-ounce mugs, although you can also use it with smaller ones (albeit, with a loose fit).

Since it wears completely over the drinking vessel, the sleeve can be worn even on a broken mug, giving erstwhile throwaway objects a second lease on life. It’s made from the same durable 600D polyester, similar to the original Bucket Boss, so it should hold up to heavy use.

The Mug Boss is available from Amazon, priced at $5.80.

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