Mugs For Holding On Your Knee And Lap

Sometimes, there’s just no space on the desk to hold your mug.  Or there’s no desk at all, like when you’re having coffee while riding on a Martin Jetpack.  These Knee and Lap Mugs should come in handy.

Instead of having a flat base, each mug comes with a unique bottom design that makes it perfect for setting on a specific surface.  As their names imply, one is  cut for perching just over your knee, while the other is shaped for sitting squarely in your lap.

The Knee Mug has a curved, scalloped bottom that lets it rest right over your knee, while the Lap Mug’s pointed bottom wedges between your thighs.   Both mugs stand at 4 inches tall and can hold up to 12 ounces of beverage content.

Some parts of the bottom area for both have been flattened, so that you can set it on a regular table, in case there’s actually desk space available.  Be careful when doing that, though, since we doubt it’s as stable as a regular mug (in fact, the Lap Mug will be tilting to one side when placed in a flat surface).

Thinkgeek has the Knee Mug and Lap Mug available as a pair, priced at $15.99.

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