These Muji Body Fit Cushions Offer A Cushier Alternative To Beanbags


Beanbags, prepare to meet your match. The classic dorm room and bachelor pad staple is about to get serious competition in the form of these Muji Body Fit cushions.

Like beanbags, the cushions are designed to be laid on the floor to serve as versatile seating options, allowing you to plop down on it in a variety of positions. You can sit upright on it like a stool, sink in a bit for armchair-like use, drop down even lower to turn it into a comfy, high-back lounger, or find whatever position will feel most comfortable while staying in Friday night to catch up on your Assassin’s Creed play.


What makes it different from beanbags? Instead of polystyrene fillings, the Muji Body Fit uses a memory foam cushion, so it should be even softer and cushier than any beanbag you’ve ever owned. The foam is made using a newly-developed fiber composite material with an even higher capacity for elasticity and resilience, boasting 0.5mm micro-plastic sphere padding that helps it keep the original shape, even while completely conforming to the person’s body during use. Each one comes with two cushion covers: a canvas material for more conventional seating and a stretchy fabric that can conform to stranger-but-hopefully-comfortable positions.


Already a huge hit in its native Japan, the Muji Body Fit will finally be launched stateside in April. Price is steep at $190, but considering how well-received this thing is among Japanese consumers, the comfort it delivers may very well be worth the price.

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