Muji Shower Radio Hides An AM/FM Tuner Inside An Innocent-Looking Shampoo Bottle


Does anyone really shower with a radio on? In case you want to start, you might want to look at the Muji Shower Radio, a fully-functional AM/FM radio hiding under the guise of a shampoo bottle.

Of course, it looks more like a baby powder container than a shampoo bottle to me. Regardless, it does look like it belongs on top of a bathroom shelf, ready to do your hygienic bidding when needed.

Whatever that bottle is supposed to be, it houses the full set of radio electronics inside its splash-proof PET body, keeping it safe no matter how messy you get in the shower.  Speaker holes are punched across the sides, while the radio controls are situated both on top and at the bottom of the container. You turn the radio on and adjust the volume by twisting on the bottle cap, while the station dial and the AM/FM buttons are situated right at the bottom.

In all honesty, I’ve never seen a worse radio design. You’ll have to actually pick it up and turn it over before being able to change channels, all while you’re under the pouring water’s soothing caress. It should be funny, though, having bathroom guests wondering where all that music is coming from.

The stealthy Muji Shower Radio is now available in Japan for the equivalent of $37.

[Muji via Wired]