Muji Wall-Mounted CD Player Plays When You Pull On Its Strings


I have a device that’s wall-mounted and has a pull-string start – guess what it is.  If you answered a lighting fixture, I can’t blame you.  What else uses a pull-string mechanism to turn on nowadays?  Probably nothing except the awesome-looking Muji CD Player.

A stylish novelty gadget, the player’s exterior consists of a CD dock, the frame holding it, basic controls and a piece of hanging string.  The disc faces outward, which makes for an intriguing display that you can change anytime you like just by dropping a different CD onto the player.

Just load a disc in the Muji, pull on the string and it will begin playback.  I’m not sure what controls are available (skip, forward, reverse) but the manufacturer says there are track search and volume controls at the top-end of the player.  It comes with onboard dual speakers, making it a pure standalone device that you can mount up anywhere in your home.  If you want to stop the CD at any time, simply tug on the string again and the whole thing pauses.

Since it doesn’t handle anything except audio CD format, you’ll have to burn your digital music into a CD to play them on the Muji.  I advise you to print out some eye-catching stickers for the disc as well, if you want them to look good while docked on the player.

Overall, it’s a simple way to outfit a room with a music player, while adding some much-appreciated aesthetic cues.  Made in Japan (of course), the Muji Wall-Mounted CD Player is available stateside for $180 in either black or white.

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[Muji via Uncrate]