Multi-Function Folding Shovel For Serious Outdoor Adventurers

Pocket multi-tools are cool. With blades and implements barely a couple inches long, however, their usefulness during survival situations is seriously in doubt. The Emergency Zone Multi-Function Folding Shovel should prove a tad more useful for your outdoor activities, offering a slew of mid-sized provisions for a whole host of useful functions.

Designed for gardeners and survivalists alike, the versatile contraption offers eleven different tools. You can employ it as a shovel, a hoe and a pick, with facilities for use as a saw edge, a hatchet, a hammer, a bottle opener, a nail puller and a wrench. It also comes with an integrated compass and a waterproof match container to ease your wilderness forays.

As the name implies, the Emergency Zone Multi-Function Folding Shovel can compact into a portable bundle, allowing you to throw it in a backpack, along with the rest of your outdoor gear. It measures 15.5 inches long when extended, making it just big enough to handily perform its main functions and small enough to facilitate easy handling.

It comes with two survival boxes wedged on the handle when you purchase. One is a regular box of matches, and the other packs an assortment of outdoor tools that include a small folding razor knife, four small nails, a fishing line, sinkers and fishing hooks. A pouch is also included for easy storage when folded.

For DIY home projects, nothing beats a full set of individual tools. When you’re trying to pack light for an outdoor adventure, it’s hard to beat the Emergency Zone Multi-Function Folding Shovel for sheer versatile usefulness. Amazon has it for $14.99.

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