Hidden Colored Wax Makes This White Pillar Candle Drip In Multi-Colored Hues


Candles are boring. White candles? Especially boring, which is why we use awesome candlesticks like the Candle Poise to compensate.   These Multicolored Drip Candles, however, don’t play the same game, dripping into a variety of colors as the wax slides down while it burns.

When unlit, it looks like any boring white pillar candle. You know, the kind that will drip white wax as it slowly burns its way through the wick. Except, instead of white wax, the darn thing will surprisingly drip in a cornucopia of colors, creating an infinitely more interesting sight to put in your candlestick.


Unlike what you may suspect, there’s no sorcery involved with the Multicolored Drip Candles. Instead, the candle is only white on the outside, with the insides decked in wax made up of different colors, allowing them to bleed with colorful wax as the whole thing shrinks into a stub.   Seriously, guests will do a double take when they see this. Do note, the concealed colored wax underneath the white layer can be faintly discernible once the candle is lit, although you’d really have to look close in order to notice. Each of the candles measure 2.5 cm in diameter and 16 cm tall, with an approximate burn time of 60 to 90 minutes.

From what we can tell, it looks like the candle contains about four or five different colors aside from the white top layer, which sounds pretty cool. Now, if they can only add more for a real complete rainbow, life will be complete (no, it actually won’t, but maybe just a little more fun).

The Multicolored Drip Candles are available in pairs, priced at £5.99.

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