Murphy Pet Bed Is A Classy Folding Bunk For Your Spoiled Dogs

You love your dogs and all, but you can’t keep sharing the bed with them every night.    It’s fine when you’re sleeping alone, hugging a teddy bear while sobbing uncontrollably, but it’s a whole other deal when a girl sleeps over and your pets refuse to get off.   It might be time to get them one of these Murphy Pet Beds.

Made by Murphy’s Paw Design, it’s just like any regular murphy bed that provides a full-sized sleeping area while folding into a slim box on the wall when not in use.   That way, your dogs get their own beds, all without having a mattress permanently lying around on your floor.

The Murphy Pet Bed closes up into a fancy-looking structure that looks like a closed wooden shelf, so it neither creates a mess nor an eyesore in the house.  It comes in two models: Leo and Luna, both measuring 7.75 x 4.66 x 2.96 feet.  Construction is stained and sealed mahogany wood for the Leo and painted wood for the Luna, with a mattress measuring 29 x 39 inches included on both.   Each one comes sporting three shelf racks for storing your dog’s chew toys and food bowls, with space on the platform where you can lay the bowls down during feeding time.  The top should make an ideal shelving area for holding table display pieces, like pictures of your dogs on a Comic Strip Picture Frame.

The Leo model of the Murphy Pet Bed is available now, with the Luna currently on pre-order.  You’ll have to contact them for pricing.

Check It Out via SwissMiss