This Cleverly Designed Murphy Sofa Float Is A Bed, A Wall And A Shelf Also

Want to maximize your tiny studio’s seating capacity, while still having a comfortable place to lay your head at night?  This MurphySofa Float could do the trick, giving you couch space to sit a bunch of guests and a fold down wall bed that you can equip when it’s time to retire.

When folded down, the bed uses the main sofa as a platform and an integrated floating shelf as legs for the bottom end.   As a result, the bed sits up at a normal bed height, rather than the lower position that most Murphy beds are relegated to.

The MurphySofa Float features a main couch and a sectional chaise lounge to give your micro-loft plenty of seating space.  The wall bed folds right over the couch, too, so the sofa can stay in place the entire time (no rearranging necessary in the morning).  It uses a durable weighted piston mechanism for keeping the bed stable whether folded up or down, so there’s none of the necessary readjusting that usually comes with Murphy beds over time.

A compartment under the main couch can hide all your pillows, blankets, and other bedtime supplies, with shelves on either side of the bed that you can use as both a nightstand and living room storage.  Even better, the entire thing can fit in a tiny corner of space, so even the smallest digs can accommodate it.

Available now in different color finishes and couch fabrics, the MurphySofa Float retails for $7,495.

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