Music Monsters: Because Mobile Speakers Can Be Cute, Too

Like your accessories cute?  Then you’re probably somewhat disappointed with the mobile speaker offerings right now, which generally ditch the cute in favor of the svelte.  Not the case though with these Music Monsters, which hide all that speaker hardware inside graffiti-inspired toy figures.

Featuring designs from famous taggers Pariz One and Dolaso, these audio accessories definitely step it up in the appearance department, looking more like desktop toys than portable music machines.   While I doubt these speakers can beat my foxL Pocket Speaker’s sound, there’s definitely something entertaining about hearing your tunes blaring out from a half-cute, half creepy cyclops with fangs.

Each Music Monster speaker is housed in a ABS plastic shell measuring 7 x 5 x 4 centimeters.  Output is 2.4W, with a whole tones sensitivity of 82db and a distortion of 0.5%.  Onboard battery, which you can charge via USB, is good for up to 4 hours of playback.  There’s no Bluetooth support, though, so you’ll have to plug in to your phone using an included 3.5mm jack.

The current set consists of Black Ninja, Blue Monster, Hellboy and Smiley Panda, although I’ve seen tons of other designs in the past.  All feature movable heads and arms, with the tunes blasting out from the back of the head.

Firebox has these Music Monster models listed for pre-order.  Price is £19.99.