Music Strap Is A Wearable Speaker For Your Backpack

Noise-cancelling earphones are great.  Until you get hit by a wayward truck whose brakes conked out from behind, that is.  Enjoy music on the go without shutting out the world with the Music Strap, a mini-speaker system that hooks onto your backpack’s shoulder straps.

Intended for outdoor use, the speakers are clad in weatherproof housing, making it an excellent companion for bikers and hikers looking to enjoy some tunes.  It’s lightweight, too, so don’t worry about adding any more weight to your already packed rucksack.

The Music Strap Backpack Speakers consist of two clip-on, single-watt speakers that can attach to any size of strap.   A 27.5-inch cable connects the two components, which you can bundle neatly with two included velcro straps.  It also comes with a 20-inch 3.5mm cable for connecting to your music source and red LEDs so everyone knows you’re the one infesting the environment with the pop stylings of Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato.

Granted, AAA-powered 1W speakers will probably make for horrible-sounding audio.  That’s way better, though, than shutting out the world by popping on earphones while you’re bicycling through city traffic.  Unless you like living dangerously, which I can totally understand.  Okay, not really.

Creator Lucky Bums has the Music Strap Backpack Speakers on retail for $29.99.

[Lucky Bums]