Sound Track Lets Kids Make Music While Playing With Trains

Musical toys have always been big hits with the kids.  Same with trains (especially on train tracks with intersecting highways).  The Sound Track combines both, turning a train set into a functional musical toy where kids can play their favorite songs and compose their own tunes.

Invented by Ricardo Seola and crowdsourced to the folks at Quirky, it’s as unique a children’s musical instrument as you can imagine.  Instead of punching keys or mashing buttons, kids roll a train through a track filled filled with raised “music pegs” — as the train passes through each new peg, it creates a sound, eventually turning into a repeating song as the train takes laps over and over.

The Sound Track generates sound using tuned musical teeth in the front of the train (similar to those a music box uses), which hits the raised pegs on the tracks     causing it to play a note.  You can adjust the nubs vertically to change what note is played, allowing kids to make different tunes play while their train runs through the tracks.  It will come with a booklet that teach how to arrange the nubs to play individual songs, although kids can create their own once they get the hang of how it makes  music.

A set of modular train tracks that you can arrange into different orientations come with the set, so you can make each trip play a song as short as you need.  It uses a three-cart train, with the music teeth adjustable to run either front, center or rear.

Currently, the Sound Track is still under development at Quirky.  They’re close to a production run, though, and are targeting a $20 price for the set (from what we can tell, though, this is likely to go up).  Expect this to start selling later in the year.

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