Mustache-Shaped Flask Makes You Look Like An Alcoholic Burt Reynolds

You like your whiskey and you don’t apologize about it.  Which explains the filled steel flask you pull out of your pocket and take a sip from every so often.  There’s only one problem: the wife doesn’t like it and she thinks your behavior is embarrassing.  You need a way to make your habitual drinking look like a charming social act and the Mustache-Shaped Flask just might do it.

Clad in the shape of a thick and burly moustache, the alcoholic aid will put a fake growth of hair over your lips every time you take a swig.  That way, your drinking can double as a social tool that generates a chuckle or two every time (well, the first couple of times) you use it.

The Mustache-Shaped Flask is a petite drink container that measures 3.25 x 4 x 1 inches — just the right size to slip in your front pocket for easy access.  It can hold 5 oz. of your favorite poison, allowing you to get a quick fix any time you need something to leave you feeling toasty.

Designed by Kirsten Mathas, the entire flask is shaped like a classically healthy mustache, complete with a brown felt trim at the base to make it look like real facial hair from a distance.   The container is made from stainless steel sporting a silver finish and comes with a removable twist cap for convenient use.

If you want your stiff drink with a little sense of humor, you can’t go wrong with the Mustache-Shaped Flask.  It’s available from Urban Outfitters, priced at $18.

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