Your Clothes Will Look So Much More Dapper With These Mustache Wire Hangers


Just like a good mustache can do wonders for a homely face, these Mustache Wire Clothes Hangers can liven up even the most boring closets.   Sure, your wardrobe will still consist of the same fashion-challenged items you’ve accumulated over the years (Panta Claus, anyone?), but, at least, you can hang them on something far more interesting.

Made by Gama Go, the hangers come in the shape of a handlebar mustache, making them ideal for securing tank tops, tees, blouses, and coats along a rack. And while you might protest a bit at the idea of hipster facial hair creeping into your closet, it doesn’t come with any magical powers, so it won’t convert you into liking obscure music, artisanal food items, and beanies as you’ve always feared. Well, we hope so, at least.


The Mustache Wire Clothes Hangers are made from nickel-plated steel, with heavy-duty construction that should make them suitable for hanging even the thickest winter coats. It measures 15.5 x 9 inches (w x h), just the right size to fit in most standard closets, with upturned mustache ends that you can use to keep tank tops and similar clothing items from sliding off.

Available now, the Mustache Wire Clothes Hangers are priced at $7.40 for a set of four.

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