Mustang Customizer Lets You Pimp Your Own 2010 Mustang


Have some tuning ideas you’d like to see for the new 2010 Mustang?  See how your vision looks on a computer screen with Ford’s new Mustang Customizer, a web app that allows users to remodel the roadster in a large number of ways.

More than a simple graphics selector, like similar Flash apps have done in the past, the Mustang Customizer offers a wide range of personalization options that can end up  turning out an entirely different-looking ride.  Starting with a stock 2010 model, you get the option of decking your Mustang with a variety of  hoods, louvers, scoops, custom paint jobs, spoilers, grilles, wheels, stripe kits and everything else you can imagine slapping on a car’s exterior.


Of course, a sexy car looks even sexier in the proper setting.  As such, you can also change numerous environmental elements in the image, from the conditions of the sky, the length of the burnout and different background details.  After fashioning your own tricked-out ride, you can save the resulting image to your PC or showcase it with other cars in the custom gallery of the 2010 Ford Mustang Unleashed site.

All parts available on the Mustang Customizer can also be purchased from Ford Racing, in case you have a real ‘Stang you’re looking to deck out with new favors.  You can check the Flash app from the link below.

[2010 Mustang via Final Gear]