Muunto’s Wall-Mounted Modular Storage Systems Look Dazzling, Better Than Permanent Fixtures


Shelving and storage fixtures have always made sense as modular setups.  In fact, I’ve been very disappointed with the lack of such options from my local furniture stores.  Europe-based Muunto offers one of the best systems I’ve seen on that end, providing wall-mountable units that you can mix and match to your liking.

Using Muunto’s customizable panels,  you can add new shelves, drawers, cabinets, ledges and worktops  (which they refer to as storage accessories) whenever you want, simply inserting them into the structure.  More than the utilitarian value of such individualized solutions, their system is also notable for its decorative value, being both attractive and elegant for home, office and other uses.


MDF boards and aluminum groove inserts comprise the core structures, which allow you to add and remove all sorts of storage units.  All you need to do is install the wall panels (you’ll need to drill through walls, so you may want to hire someone) on the areas you plan to outfit with storage attachments, choose the particular items to hang on the grooves and you’re done – a custom solution that you can modify at will.


Storage accessories are available in numerous sizes and 15 different finishes (13 colors and two wood veneers).  Additional niceties include fabric-clad cabinet doors (so remotes can work through them), hidden wire systems (cables pass through behind the wall panels) and some leeway for custom orders (though they should prove more costly).

I hate browsing over at the Muunto site because those setups look so good, looking like elegantly-installed fixtures instead of modular systems.  Can someone local please copy what these guys are doing?

[Muunto via Apartment Therapy]