Muzik Convertible Headphones Let You Tweet What You’re Listening To With A Single Tap


Like other travel headphones, the Muzik Convertible combines a compact size with decent audio hardware to deliver a pleasant listening experience. Unlike them, it’s equally as social in its function, allowing you to share whatever tunes you’re listening to on Twitter and Facebook with a simple tap on the right earcup.

That’s right, if you’re in the habit of occasionally sharing whatever tracks are holding your listening attention on your social media profiles, this thing lets you do that without having to launch an app on your phone or fiddle with app settings to auto-update your listening history. Any time you feel like sharing what you’re listening to, just tap the corresponding Hot Key on the ear cup and it’s done.


Even better, users can define up to four Hot Keys on each Muzik Convertible. Apart from social sharing, the keys can be set to control playback, launch radio stations, add tracks to your playlist, dial someone on your phone, and more. For those using iPhones, you can also long-press at the center of the right ear cup to launch Siri.

As for the headphones, it’s an over-the-ear design that uses 40mm custom-tuned drives to deliver the tunes, which it streams wirelessly over a Bluetooth connection (45 feet wireless range). Features include aluminum and leather construction, swappable ear cushions, a foldable design for easy portability, and a battery rated at 15 hours of playback.

Slated for availability soon, the Muzik Convertible is priced at $300.

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