MXXL 24 AH: Why Get An RV When You Can Have A Mobile Fortress?


Why settle for an RV when you can ride around in a mobile fortress?  As odd a proposition as that might sound, it’s actually possible with the MXXL 24 AH, a high-end RV with a ridiculous number of custom options.

Created for hardcore outdoor enthusiasts, the made-to-order vehicle sports a monstrous M-Cab chassis.   From the outside, the rugged, all-terrain truck looks like it’s shipping a battalion of soldiers with a bevy of large weapons.  Heck, I’d run back into the house if I ever saw one down the road.  Fortunately, the cabin features a bevy of luxuries.

The MXXL 24 AH features a full trailer of creature comforts, such as a living area, a kitchen, a master bedroom, a guest bedroom and other functional home spaces.  You can have it loaded with all sorts of amenities, including two auto-tracking TV satellite receivers, a 46-inch HDTV, an 18-liter fridge, a BD player, a media center computer and a satellite phone.

More than an ultra-comfortable mobile home, though, it’s a veritable fortress with a ton of active and passive safety features, including burglar-proof skylights, surveillance cameras on all sides and 60-mm thick, fiberglass-reinforced walls.  To minimize potential problems while you’re on the road, the RV comes with a central tire inflation system, a 264-gallon water container and its own waste water evaporator.

Believe it or not, that’s not even the end of it.  Yep, there’s more.  Just check out the full list of specs and options for the MXXL 24 AH from the official website.  Oh yeah, prices start at $3 million.  No kidding.

[Unicat via Born Rich]