Play Your NES and SNES Classic Untethered With This Wireless Gamepad


If you picked up either a NES Classic or SNES Classic, chances are, you’re using the bundled wired controller. It works well enough, although it feels weird having to deal with wires in 2018. If you’re looking to enjoy your retro console without the dangling, tangling mess, you might want to check out My Arcade’s Super GamePad.

Designed for the NES Classic, the SNES Classic, and classic virtual console games (on Wii and Wii U), the gamepad lets you enjoy your 8-bit and 16-bit games without being tethered, so you can move freely whether you’re playing in the living room or the bedroom. No more staying within a short distance from the TV or tripping someone who unwittingly walks by – this thing lets you play your retro consoles with the same wireless convenience as modern rigs.


The My Arcade Super GamePad comes in a styling reminiscent of the controllers from Nintendo’s old consoles, so the whole thing will look perfectly in tune with your retro consoles. Chunky grips on each end of the gamepad provide improved ergonomics, ensuring you can keep this in hand for hours of continuous gaming without straining your fingers. Suffice to say, this thing will slip out of your hand a whole lot less than the bundled controller that comes with Nintendo’s classic consoles.

To make gameplay feel authentic, it retains the familiar layout of Nintendo’s gamepads, combining a directional pad on the left with four action buttons on the right to handle all your button mashing needs, along with four shoulder buttons for even greater control of your game. They also threw in a Home button to give you a quick way to reach the game selection screen, saving you from having to pause the game and navigate through the menu in order to get there, along with a LED-backlit Turbo button that you can assign to your favorite action. Yeah, it’s definitely convenient.


The My Arcade Super GamePad has a range of 25 feet, so you can position yourself fairly far away from your game setup without any problems. Plus, you can hop along with Mario or whatever side-scrolling character you’re using to get a little workout in with your retro gaming proclivities. It uses just two AAA batteries, with a fresh batch providing up to 75 hours of gameplay. Yes, you may want to bust out those rechargeable AAAs if you don’t want to keep buying up batteries by the dozen (more or less, of course, depending on how frequently you play).


Is it better than the default controller from Nintendo? We don’t know. With the wireless function, handy grips, and additional buttons, though, it definitely sounds a lot more fun to use than the official tethered gamepad. Yes, there are options out there like 8Bitdo’s SN30 that could prove better, but it’s nice to have options for folks who might not be all that fond of the outfit’s analog-equipped SNES gamepad.

The My Arcade Super GamePad is available now.

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