My Name Is …. And I’M A Gadget Addict

gadget-nationIf you are brave enough to face your addiction then the book Gadget Nation is a must-have.  Author Steve Greenberg takes us on a journey across the nation, exposing gadgets that you likely have never heard of, nor even thought about.

How about a light you install on your toilet to avoid those late night “misses”, or a windshield wiper that finally doesn’t just push the water to the side but actually scrubs your windshield as it works.  From talking toilet paper to a USB miniature missile launcher, Mr. Greenberg will amaze you with his unveiling of some of the coolest and kookiest gadgets available. This book is a great addition to a coffee table at home or your office reception area.  It features gadgets that went far, and gadgets that went far out, chronicling the journey of the gadget and its inventor even up to where they are now.

For the gadgeteer in your life this book is a great gift, and for only $20 you can have one for yourself as well. Talking toilet paper…hmmm…where can I buy that?  Yes, I’m intentionally lonely.