MyLifter Is A Semi-Smart Motorized Ceiling Storage Lift System

There are plenty of options for motorized overhead storage platforms, even more if you’re willing to put in some DIY work yourself. If you’d rather get a set-it-and-forget-it kit to save yourself any extra work, we have a feeling you’ll enjoy MyLifter.

For the most part, it’s an erstwhile standard motorized storage set that you can install on the ceiling for various overhead storage needs. Except they integrated a few smart features that should make it a bit more convenient to the average user.

MyLifter will install to your ceiling and plug in to a wall outlet like a regular motorized winch lift, so it’s familiar enough to anyone who’s put together similar storage installations. Each one measures 3 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches and weighs 2 pounds, with 25 feet of stainless steel cable rated at a lifting capacity of up to 50 pounds. While the load limit only makes it ideal for lighter items like bicycles, surfboards, and luggage, you can combine multiple units to lift heavier items like your Suzuki Quadracer and your drunk best friend who’s ruining the Christmas party (don’t worry, he’ll forgive you once he sobers up).

Each unit comes with sensors that can detect the weight its pulling, so it won’t let you take the risk (and any potential accidents it can cause) when you’re loading something past the limit, as well as an auto-locking mechanism that’s activated when power is suddenly cut off and the motor shuts down (so your gear doesn’t fall straight down to the ground). It comes with a Bluetooth remote control that you can use to operate multiple units, along with an iPhone app that can act as a remote as well as allow you to program multiple units to work in tandem, distributing the load among themselves.

Currently, MyLifter is a fully-funded project on Kickstarter. You can still get in on the action, however, with pledges starting at $95.

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