MyRow Brings Peloton-Style Content Library to Concept2’s Popular Rowing Machines

Since the 80s, Concept2 have consistently made the most popular rowing machines. That remains true to this day, even with numerous brands doing their best to try to innovate in the space. Only problem is, they haven’t quite embraced the popular Peloton model for home workout equipment, which is why they don’t have ergs that come with screens, internet connectivity, and a rich library of on-demand workouts, The MyRow service hopes to bridge the gap.

A large 22-inch tablet that runs the outfit’s content library, the device installs onto your Concept2 rower and turns it into a connected exercise machine. Not only can you use it to play workout content and on-demand classes, it can even track your performance by interfacing directly with the rowing machine’s monitor.

MyRow comes with everything you need to integrate the system with your Concept2 machine. Do note, it’s only compatible with Model C, Model D, and Model E ergs, so it won’t work with pre-1993 machines or the athlete-focused Dynamic model. It also requires the rowing machine to have a PM5 monitor, as it’s not compatible with any of the older versions. If your setup ticks those boxes, though, you should be able to turn your erstwhile normal commercial-grade Concept2 rowing machine into connected exercise equipment.

All hardware needed to install the tablet are already included in the package, including a screwdriver and a few different wrenches. To set it up, start by pushing the PM5 arm backwards to get it out of the way and attaching the included mounting arm to the side of rowing machine. Do note, you will need to remove a couple of screws from the machine, line the mounting arm to the holes, and put the screws back in, so it requires a fair amount of elbow grease to get done. After that, you then install the tablet on top of the mounting arm, then use the included cable to connect the tablet to the PM5 monitor. From there, you just hook up the power cord, adjust the tablet’s position and angle to your liking, connect it to your wireless network (there’s built-in Wi-Fi), and start your workouts.

MyRow comes with support for Bluetooth and ANT+, so you can use compatible sensors and heart rate monitors, which the system will automatically integrate into your tracking data. What kind of content can you get from the service? According to the outfit, they have on-demand classes, preset workouts, custom workouts, and group rows, all with accompanying visuals and audio, so it should offer a pretty immersive workout experience. The tablet also provides workout data and analysis, all of which you can get directly from the screen, with no need for a separate device.

As with other similar services, there’s a monthly subscription for all the workout content that the outfit provides. Single month subscriptions cost $35.99, with annual subscriptions going for $359.88 ($29.99 per month). If you don’t want to use the service, you can just select the “Just Row” mode, which, basically, just lets you row like usual and displays the typical PM5 data.

MyRow is now available for preorder, priced at $499.99 for the device without any monthly subscription bundled. Shipments are slated for June 20.

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