N-Control Avenger Is A Power-Enhancing Exo Suit For Xbox 360 Controller

Want to dress up your Xbox 360 controller into a menacing-looking robot beast with tentacles?  Slip it under the N-Control Avenger, an external adapter that lathers your controller in a black shell with some elaborate fittings.

Apart from giving your peripheral a decidedly sci-fi feel, the add-on also claims to bestow you with “the ultimate gaming advantage.”  Using one, you’re supposed to play with greater speed, enhanced precision, improved stability and faster reaction times.  Basically, it’s like an exoskeleton suit for your handheld controller, lending it “supercontroller” powers.

The N-Control Avenger is a full-body adapter that adheres steadfastly to the standard Xbox 360 controller.  From the photos, it looks like it gives you a bigger direction pad and analog sticks, apart from replacing three of the buttons on the right hand side with hair triggers.  That, plus a stabilizing tripod, tension straps and sensitivity adjusters, should turn your erstwhile regular controller into a veritable bastion of efficient gaming.

According to the product website, the add-on makes for “the ultimate secret weapon” for a variety of game genres, including first-person shooters, fighting, sports and racing titles.   All that on top of the obvious upside in looks (if you’re into tentacled robot monsters, that is).

Obviously, the N-Control Avenger’s actual benefit is hard to gauge without an actual unit in tow.  They do offer a 30-day money back guarantee on your $59 purchase price, though, so you should be able to take the plunge with little risk.