Naked Running Band Lets You Take Hydration Flasks, Wallets, And More During Runs


Running belts aren’t new. Folks have long used them to carry everything from wallets and phones to hydration flasks and energy bars when they go on runs. The Naked Running Band does all that, too, but claims to do it a whole lot better.

Designed to wear around the waist, the band comes with a selection of stretchy mesh pockets that can accommodate phones, sunglasses, and even water bottles in a snug fashion. It’s not restricted to specific water bottles, either, as it should cram in most smaller hard shells and 500ml inflatable models.


The Naked Running Band comes with two large pockets in the front and back, as well as two smaller pockets on each side, so you can carry two hydration flasks and a few other smaller items. A pair of external loops on the back let you strap down a rolled-up windbreaker, ensuring you’re armed with proper protection in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. It’s bounce-resistant, too, so there will be nothing to compromise your running motions, whether you’re pounding on city pavements or running across backcountry trails.


Features include a total capacity of 3 liters, pull tabs for easily stretching the pockets open, a non-chafing inner panel, and a quick-drying four-way stretch construction. It comes in a variety of sizes to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

Available now, the Naked Running Band is priced at $45.99.

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