Use Nakefit To Run Barefoot While Keeping Your Soles Protected


Walking around barefoot while you’re in the beach or in the poolside is fun. Problem is, going barefoot can create a whole slew of problems. You can step on pebbles and stones, which will hurt. You can step on sharp objects, which will cut.  You can slip on puddles and other wet areas along the poolside, which is just all manners of annoying. And you can avoid all of those by simply wearing appropriate footwear. If you’d still rather go barefoot, Nakefit offers a compromise you’re very likely to appreciate.

A foot-shaped adhesive pad, it attaches to the bottom of your feet, giving you an extra layer of protection that serves similar function as your footwear’s outsole. Not only will it keep your feet’s soles clean, it provides an extra layer of protection against pebbles, stones, and sharp sections around the pool, all while providing non-slip traction, so you can run like Usain Bolt on puddles and wet areas without slipping and cracking your skull (okay, maybe just hurting your bum).


Yes, sticking an adhesive pad to your bare feet sounds like a recipe for irritation. Fortunately, Nakefit is hypoallergenic, so you won’t end up with a terrible itch after peeling it back off at the end of the day. It’s waterproof, by the way, so your soles will never be soaking at any point you’re out of the water, all while being heat resistant, so you won’t scorch your feet walking barefoot at high noon, whether on sand, rocks, or pavement. Basically, it’s like having flip-flops, all while looking like you’re completely barefoot.

Putting Nakefit on is, basically, like applying adhesive bandages. You peel off the backing and slap it onto your foot soles, making sure everything’s straightened out and properly applied. It uses a light adhesive that provides a secure hold, yet peels off easily when you want to finally remove it. Do note, this is a disposable product, so while you might be able to reapply it after removing once, there’s a good chance the adhesive won’t be as strong as a freshly-peeled item. According to the outfit, they recommend wearing the pad for no more than 24 hours at a time.


It’s made from an elastic material, so it can accommodate every movement of your feet, whether you’re running, jumping, or crane-kicking a purse-snatcher at the beach to show off to the ladies. Yes, because the best way to get girls in the beach is to show off your Karate Kid moves. No, really, you should try it the next time you come down to the beach with the boys. It comes in various sizes and colors, by the way, so both kids and oversized adults can find a suitable one for their feet.

Truth be told, this seems to be a viable way to go barefoot not just in the beach or by the poolside, but at absolutely any time. We’re not entirely sure how well it will hold up to the nasty city streets and sidewalks, but if you’ve ever thought of doing your morning runs barefoot, this thing seems like your best chance at getting it done.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Nakefit. You can reserve a set of 10 for pledges starting at €30.

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