Nanoarcade 1/10-Scale Arcade Cabinet Lets You Mash Buttons On-The-Go


It looks cumbersome to play. If you can’t help but desire to play classic arcade games using an actual arcade setup, though, the Nanoarcade just might be the most affordable way to enjoy it.

A fully-functional mini-arcade cabinet, it measures at 1/10th the size of real arcade machines, so you can throw it in a bag to enjoy retro gaming anywhere you go. Even better, it recreates the real arcade experience, with gameplay requiring the same button-mashing action as traditional arcade setups, making it a whole lot more suited to legacy titles than touchscreen-based smartphone ports.


The Nanoarcade is cut in the same cabinet shape as traditional arcade machines, albeit in much smaller proportions. Despite the size, it comes with a 360-degree joystick, six individual action buttons, and even L/R soft keys for a truly authentic recreation, along with a faux coin slot with a power button over it. Yes, every single control is functional, so you can go nuts and mash buttons like its 1995 all over again. You can enjoy all the action courtesy of a 3.2-inch screen with 240 x 320 resolution and a built-in speaker.


It can run any J2ME game, so you can easily get access to thousands of titles available online (just load them via the microUSB slot). To recreate that lively arcade look, each cabinet comes with theme stickers that you can use to decorate it.

Available now, the Nanoarcade is priced at $59.99.

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