Nanovision’s Mimo 710-S Offers Secondary Display For Road Warriors


Dual display workstations are largely commonplace now. Enjoying the same convenience while you’re on the road, however, is something that’s not quite as easy. Nanovision is looking to change all that with their latest seven-inch LCD monitor, the Mimo 710-S “Mobile Slider”.

An improvement on the popular Mimo 710, the new unit comes with a foldable stand that doubles as a protective screen cover when you need to string the monitor along during your workday. Simply twist the unit into the clamshell panel (like convertible netbooks, except the LCD falls flat down) and it can easily slot into a laptop bag’s utility pocket.

Display details include 800 x 480 pixels of native resolution and a 500:1 contrast ratio. Like previous Mimo mini-monitors, it can easily rotate a full 90-degrees, allowing it to stand in both portrait or landscape mode. It connects to your PC via a two-headed USB cable and facilitates dual mode directly through the onboard DisplayLink virtual monitor system.

A secondary monitor (especially one that can fold itself like this) should offer plenty of flexibility for mobile workers, especially in these connected times. Even with just 7-inches of screen real estate, the travel-friendly package should manage plenty of uses, such as a separate display for your mail, chat or Twitter app. It sure beats having to carry an extra full-sized display along. Can you imagine having a two-monitor setup back when CRT was all the rage?

The Nanovision Mimo 710-S “Mobile Slider” is scheduled for release at the end of the month. Price is a fairly affordable $149.

[Nanovision via Everything USB]