Nap Massaging Bed Rest Turns Your Bed Into An Armchair

Sometimes, you just don’t want to get out of bed.  But you don’t want to lie down either.  Sure, you can use the headboard as backrest, but it just doesn’t feel as swell as when you’re lounging in your favorite chair.  Maybe the Nap Massaging Bed Rest can help.

Designed to turn your bed into a perfectly serviceable sitting furniture, it basically saws off the top half of an armchair sofa and commissions it for standalone use.  That way, you can sit comfortably and watch TV right in the comfort of your bedroom.  Kind of a nice way to turn your bed into a makeshift couch if you’re living in a tiny studio dump, too.

The Nap Massaging Bed Rest consists of one backrest with headrest and two armrests .  Constructed as a single unit, the arms can fold into the back rest’s sides for easily fitting under the bed when not in use.  All parts are decked in the company’s own NapSoft material, which they claim to be “ultra-plush” for comfort.

Since you’ll be using this thing to spend extended hours (days?) in bed, it doesn’t just stop at support for your back and arms.  Instead, it comes with an integrated two-speed vibration massager (seriously), one cup holder (for your Warhammer Beer Stein), multiple side pouches (for remotes and magazines), and a LED lamp with a bendable neck for your book-reading comforts.

The product page claims the Nap Massaging Bed Rest can fit all beds and all body types.  We’re not sure if you can put this on top of a hammock, but it sure sounds like a hoot to try.  Price is $99.95.