NapAnywhere Is A Better Neck Pillow

Bringing one of those neck pillows along so you can take a nap during transit is fine enough.  Except the bulky shape of those things make them difficult to squeeze into a packed bag.  The NapAnywhere remedies that problem by being able to store flat while providing even more comfortable head and neck support.

Created by physician Ravi Shamaiengar, it’s based upon those same U-shaped neck pillows most travelers currently use to take quick naps while traveling.  Except it packs flat and provides what Ravi describes as the kind of support he always wanted from one, providing a comfy surface where you can rest your entire head and neck on.

NapAnywhere is a flat disc-shaped pillow consisting of a flexible endoskeleton layered with foam padding and upholstered in fabric.  One side of the disc is warm to the touch, while the other side is cool, so you can choose whichever one’s more comfortable to rest your head on.  During use, simply fold the disc by the ridge: the top part will serve as a cantilevered shelf you can lean your head into, the central part will push against your neck, and the bottom will rest on your shoulder distributing the weight.  The result is a fully-supported head with zero strain on the neck while you spend the duration of that three-hour flight in peaceful slumber.

A strap that you can wear like a sling is included, which you can use to keep the contraption in place even if you make jerky movements during sleep, although it can be used without it.  It comes in two sizes: one for folks with shorter necks and another with necks of a more standard length.

NapAnywhere is currently collecting preorders on Kickstarter.  Pledges to reserve one starts at $39.

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