Napwrap Helps You Maintain Good Posture While Napping On A Seat

We’ve seen plenty of products designed to keep people comfortable while they catch a nap during trips, with solutions that range from strapping the person to their chair to supporting their heads with a goofy-looking brace.  The Napwrap is a new offering that keeps thing a lot simpler, using a single strap whose sole purpose is to support the user’s arms.

Why the arms?  Apparently, the position of the arms has a significant bearing on a person’s ability to take a relaxing nap while sitting down.  When your arms move, it pulls on your shoulder, which then affects the way your head is rested, making it one of the most common reasons for sudden disruptions during sleep.

Described as a “personal armrest,” the Napwrap will first wrap around one of your upper arms, where it can then support the wrist on your other arm.  That’s it.  The design, basically, holds your arms in a crossed position, evenly distributing the weight and keeping your shoulders in an optimal angle to support your head.  It uses an elastic strap with fine extruded hook taps for closure, ensuring your hands don’t uncross at any point during use.

When not in use, you can just keep it wrapped around your upper arm like a mini-sleeve of sorts.   It can also be used to mount a phone on your arm (just hold it under the strap), wrapped over your face as an eye mask, or worn around your head as an ear muff.  Construction is 2mm mesh for the strap’s external side and soft bamboo velour for the side that winds around your arms.

Originally a successfully-funded Kickstarter project, Napwrap is now available commercially.  Price is $20.

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