These Skylodge Adventure Suites Hang From The Side Of A Mountain


Some people handle heights well. Others don’t. You better wish you belong with the first group if you’re going to stay at the Skylodge Adventure Suites, a set of hotel rooms suspended on the side of the mountain at Natura Vive in Peru.

Located in the sacred Valley of Cuzco, the rooms don’t just hang off the side of a mountaintop, they’re also fully transparent, so you can enjoy watching the wide expanse as soon as you step inside. And, yes, you’ll probably feel like the whole thing can fall off any time, which, we guess, is part of the appeal of why you’d want to stay in these rooms in the first place.


The Skylodge Adventure Suites consist of three capsule-like structures that look like they were mounted on the side of the mountain, each of them serving as individual bedrooms for guest lodging. Measuring 24 x 8 x 8 feet (l x w x h), each suite can handle up to eight people, with four beds, a dining area, a bathroom, and solar-powered lighting. Transparent polycarbonate walls, floors, and ceilings ensure any angle you look out of will be horrifying (they do have curtains, so you can get some privacy, if needed), with the structure cut in solid aluminum.


Because it’s situated way over 1,300 feet up in the mountain, you’ll need to climb towards the suite using Via Ferrata, a climbing path installed on the same side of the mountain, or follow a hiking trail that includes zip lines. So, yeah, this thing is strictly for the adventure-inclined – those who’d prefer less-challenging accommodations might want to spend their vacations somewhere else.

Pricing for the Skylodge Adventure Suites starts at around $290 a night.

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