Rise & Shine Natural Alarm Clock: No Noise, Just Lights

Alarm clocks don’t work for you? I can relate. On my worst days, I honestly think I can sleep through even a bomb exploding. If you’d rather have the sun wake you up but aren’t blessed with windows strategically located for that, the Rise & Shine Natural Alarm Clock may be the next best thing.

Rather than shock you into waking up with a jarring noise, it can perform its job with quiet ease. Using an adjustable LED panel, it can shine simulated sunlight in your face, rousing you from slumber with fake rays of the sun.

The Rise & Shine Natural Alarm Clock not only mimics bright morning sunlight, it can simulate dawn and dusk too, making you feel like you’re sleeping in nature even while cramped up inside your windowless closet. Want things to get even brighter in the morning? No problem. It lets you plug a lamp in its back, which it will turn on, along with the built-in LEDs, as soon as you need to be awoken.

Measuring 9.25 x 5.5 x 4.75 inches, it integrates an FM radio and MP3 playback (via aux port, SD card or USB) into its feature set, either of which you can program to go off along with the sun-simulating lights. Even better, it comes with a sleeping program that can progressively dim the lights and decrease the volume to lull you into sleep, just in case you need a little help finding rest at night.

Creator Verilux is offering a three year warranty on all purchases of the Rise & Shine Natural Alarm Clock. Price is quite steep for a bedside radio, though, at $249.95.

[Verilux via Dvice]