Nebia Shower Can Reduce Your Water Use By Up To 70%


Products that transform the shower experience are nothing new. Ones that do that while cutting down your water consumption in a significant way, however, are rare. That’s exactly what the Nebia claims to deliver.

A showerhead that “provides a significantly superior shower experience,” it’s designed to clean and refresh you as well as any regular showerhead, all while using up to 70 percent less water in the process. It achieves this by ditching the streams that shoot out of traditional showerheads, replacing it with a thick mist of tiny water droplets that cover a wide surface area.


That thick mist of droplets that come out of Nebia is made possible by a unique set of spray nozzles that atomize the water under extreme pressure, causing the stream to be broken up into very tiny drops. Not only will it save water, it reduces energy use, too, since there’s less water to heat up, resulting in showers that are “13 times more thermally-efficient.”

Nebia consists of a large showerhead that can be adjusted to an angle of up to 45 degrees, held by a wall bracket where it can be slid up and down along a 27-inch rail to accommodate various user heights. A second, smaller handheld showerhead is also included, which you can use on its own or in conjunction with the overhead nozzles. Unlike most specialty showers, this is designed to be installed easily, provided you currently have a shower that exits from the wall (as opposed to the ceiling) and you have water supply five feet above the floor.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Nebia. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $299.

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