Nebo Lil Larry Is A 250-Lumen Work Light In A Pen-Sized Package


It looks like a pen-style flashlight – you know, the kind you can slip in a back pocket for conveniently carrying out of the house. Except, it isn’t. Instead, the Nebo Lil Larry is designed to function as a work light that illuminates the space with a wide flood of light rather than a focused beam.

Designed to deliver diffused light, it functions like a miniature fluorescent lamp, allowing you to bring a generous amount of brightness into any space. Whether you’re looking for stuff inside a dark cabinet, performing repairs under the sink, or reading a magazine in the dark, this thing will brighten up the space in a highly functional way.


Despite its compact size, the Nebo Lil Larry LED Light delivers a generous 250 lumens, which should be suitable enough to use as a work light, whether you’re working in a dark garage or a moonless night at camp. Aside from the work light, it also comes with an emergency red flasher for handy use on the road, with a top-positioned power button that enables ergonomic handling. It has a magnetic base that lets you attach it to steel doors and similar surfaces.

Features include an impact-resistant anodized aluminum construction, a recessed LED housing, a water-resistant build, and a clip for carrying on a belt. It powers using a trio of AAA batteries.

Available now, the Nebo Lil Larry LED Light is priced at $19.50.

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