NECA Batman 1989 Utility Belt Prop Replica Bundle Gives You An Adult-Sized, Fully-Loaded Wearable Belt Straight Out Of Michael Keaton’s Costume

Does anyone really care about The Flash? We don’t know. What we do know is, the biggest reason we’re interested in the Crimson Comet’s upcoming movie is the fact it’s bringing back Michael Keaton’s Batman in all its full glory. Yes, that means we’ll be seeing the Caped Crusader with the old school Batmobile, reflective yellow Batman logo, and similarly yellow utility belt that keeps him visible in the dark. To commemorate the return of stiff neck Batman to the big screen, we’re getting the NECA Batman 1989 Utility Belt Prop Replica Bundle.

That’s right, NECA is releasing a replica of Batman’s utility belt from the Tim Burton movies, allowing you to add the old-school design to your collection. And yes, it’s perfectly wearable, so you can pair it with old school Batman costumes for your Caped Crusader cosplay or just walk around town with a superhero belt for whatever joy it brings your way.

The NECA Batman 1989 Utility Belt Prop Replica Bundle is a faithful replica of Batman’s tactical waistband as worn by Michael Keaton’s character from the old movies, which, we anticipate, he will also be wearing when he reprises the role in the upcoming The Flash movie slated to hit cinemas in June. Granted, it’s unabashedly plastic-looking with the bright yellow finish, but it’s definitely got a look that’s going to go well with any Batman costume you’ve got in the closet.

Unlike many wearable replica Batman utility belts, this one’s sized exclusively for adults rather than small kids, as it’s designed to fit waists between 31.5 and 50 inches. That’s right, it fits even 50-inch waists, so even middle-aged overweight DC nerds with an oversized gut can walk around with a utility belt worthy of the Dark Knight.

The NECA Batman 1989 Utility Belt Prop Replica Bundle comes with four slots on the belt for stashing your cartridge-based Bat gadgets of choice. Eight such cartridges are included in the set, namely a torch, a taser, a scanner, a micro camera, a rebreather, a gas pellet, and smoke bombs, so you can choose which ones you’ll carry based on the kind of crimefighting you plan to carry out for the day. Do note, the cartridges actually look like real devices with metal builds and legit-looking form factors, although they are, of course, purely cosmetic, so don’t even dare face local crime bosses armed with only these things in tow.

The belt has faceplates on a couple of areas that can be removed, revealing various other fancy devices underneath (again, all cosmetic). The front section of the belt is ferromagnetic, by the way, so if you have other Bat-gadgets with integrated magnets in your collection, you will be able to snap them onto the belt to really build up your attire. Of course, the bundle comes with three such Bat-gadgets namely a Batarang, a Grapnel Launcher, and a Communicator, allowing you to load your belt with some serious-looking Batman contraptions.

The NECA Batman 1989 Utility Belt Prop Replica Bundle comes out in June, just in time for the new DC movie. Its available now for preorder, priced at $135.

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