Necky Fleece Neck Wrap Looks Horrendous Yet Comfortable, Eliminates Your Scarf


There’s always a random, must-have product for every season.  This winter, it has to be the Necky, a wrap-around fleece garment that seeks to replace your scarf.  It’s stupidly brilliant.

While a scarf replacement sounds like a duncical idea (it’s one of the simplest pieces of accessories you can imagine), the “as seen on TV” garment does make a good case for eliminating them.  The Necky slaps on quickly, is fully adjustable and looks just like a fleece turtleneck under a coat.  Plus, they come in leopard prints.  Mmmmm…. everyone knows that’s what all the cool people wear these days. Right?

The Necky is a fleece neck wrap with a velcro closure and a bib at the bottom, ensuring no air gets enters to bring additional chill.  You can also lift it up to cover your face when harsh winds set in.  It looks rather silly because of that, but you can’t deny how warm and useful that all sounds.  In terms of style, it’s probably a disastrous idea compared to a scarf.  If you couldn’t care less though (and just want to keep warm), it’s a lot more convenient, especially since it can fold into a wallet-sized pouch.

People are calling it the “Snuggie for the neck” and it’s a perfect name.  They’re both ridiculous-looking, yet extremely effective at doing what they’re supposed to do.  Sometimes, it just makes sense to choose comfort over fashion, especially in the biting cold.

The Necky is available online at a rather cheap price of $9.99 for two pieces, with two free lighted keychain de-icers to boot. Check out that oh-so-familiar-looking home shopping commercial below.

[Buy Necky via Jezebel]