NECs CRV43 Desktop Display Curves, Covers Your Whole Periphery


A two-monitor setup not wide enough for you? Try NEC’s latest desktop display, a curved 43-inch ultra-widescreen monitor called the CRV43, which lets you take up all that visual range so that you see nothing but a computer screen all day.

Encompassing the entire range of your periphery, it kicks even three-monitor displays squarely in the ass, showing ultra-wide portraits without any bezel to break your line of sight. NEC is purporting it will be perfect for numerous applications requiring a fuller field of view, including simulations, digital imaging, computer design and…well…games. Yep, them games – always figuring into the best hardware that technology has to offer.

Apart from the seamless 43-inch screen real-estate, the CRV43 features a response time that’s 100 times faster than conventional LCDs, a double WXGA 2880 x 900 resolution, a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, and a color gamut that spans 100% of the sRGB range (plus 99.3% of Adobe RGB). As you may have guessed from the numbers, it’s not a real LCD monitor – instead, it’s actually four DLP projectors stretched together, brightened up by generous amounts of LED. It offers a number of connections, including DVI, HDMI and USB.

Movies may look a bit strange stretched to cover the whole panel, as it fits a 32:10 aspect ratio, so I suggest using it for more important functions like splitting your desktop to make PC work easier, laying out wide graphic and technical designs, and…um… games. At any rate, the NEC CRV43 won’t be an accessory purchase, selling for a pocket-burning $8,000. It’s available for pre-order now, with shipments beginning in July.

[NEC via Electronista]